Sustainable Studio

A Lifelong Project

Over our ten years, we’ve been proud of the industry leading steps we’ve taken to maintain the most sustainable studio possible. This short list aims to touch on just some of the changes we’ve made, and projects we’ve been involved with.

Every release and every rehearsal is carbon-neutral

By producing our energy hydro-electrically, and reducing and offsetting any impact the studio has on the environment we can boldly claim that your recording will be 100% carbon neutral.

We plant trees

Locally, we support Sustainable Merton by planting trees locally to offset some of our carbon. We also have switch to Ecosia as our online search engine, as they plant trees with the advertising revenue. We’re well into the thousands now! Why don’t you try it?

Products and Recycling

We have a sustainable range of instrument spares for sale. For example, our strings last 4 times longer, are packaged in recycled card, and the strings can be dropped off here as we are a registered String Recycling Centre with D’Addario. A complete circle! We also recycle cymbals and sticks.

We have a Green Procurement policy

This means we aim to buy locally, ethically and sustainably. For example our Genelec monitors are made from 95% recycled aluminium. Our microphone stands are all K&M Green stands, which are fully serviceable.

And also…

We clean with an Eco Henry Vacuum, boil our water with a stay warm kettle, and clean our premises with ethical non-toxic products.

We recycle well over 80% of our waste.

We’ve won awards and been featured in European magazines and many online magazines and blogs as an Eco Studio. Check out more here