Tara Minton

World-class Australian Jazz Harp Album Project

Tara Minton is a creative genius. Every one of her songs, when heard for the first time, feels like it’s been a part of your life forever. The brief was large scale, orchestral, emotive songs, using her live band plus numerous special guests. The harp isn’t known for being a jazz ensemble instrument so there were many challenges in the creation of this masterpiece.

A harp, by very nature covers a huge frequency range – spanning from much of the bass’s range – up to the high notes of the violin. Making sure that the instrument fitted into a band context meant at times we had to subtly sacrifice some of the fullness and richness of a solo harp, simply to leave space in the mix for the other instruments – and to avoid confusion to the listener. Which is why I would imagine, the harp is usually placed at the back of an orchestra; here however, it had to be at the front.

The string quartet used on two of the tracks was recorded, as we often do, in Room 2. The variable acoustic treatment in the room allows for a lovely open character, in particular to strings. All rooms at the studio are tie-lined back to the control room and individual headphone mixes are possible anywhere in the building. The rest of the project was captured in Room 1 over a couple of very happy weeks, where each guest arrived, added their magic, and left us with absolute gold dust to add to the already stunning songs.

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