Sello Molefi

Morden meets South Africa

When approached by Lion King’s Sello Molefi to create his originals EP, inspired by his hometown Maokeng, (South Africa) I couldn’t have imagined how exciting the journey would be. For both of us.

To cut a long story short, Sello is now back in SA, and, inspired partly by the Crown Lane partnership with ZImkids in neighbouring Zimbabwe, he has single-handedly created Bokamoso Arts Centre, inspiring a new generation in rural SA.

Before this however, Sello recorded his EP – Mamelang here at Crown Lane. A vast number of musicians, mainly from Lion King London contributed, along with many voices from the show who recorded over many Mondays (the West End’s day off!). Blending strong African voices is easy if they are in the room at the same time. They do it themselves! However this was impossible for much of this project, and the blend had to be created retrospectively sometimes, without even a click track. The challenges were worth it and the results speak for themselves.


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