Russ & Kate Luscombe

Charming, rhythmically bright and full of life

This beautifully written single was recorded in just one day, with layers of instruments and vocal harmonies performed by Russ and Kate and crafted one by one into the track.

The rhythmic percussive nature of the guitar line was uniquely created by shifting an additional guitar part by a couple of beats from the part initially played by Russ, and then layered over the original. The kick drum part brought the glue to the mix and was recorded with 4 mics, to capture the attack, warmth, bass frequencies and room sound. The chosen kick was one of the three on-site kicks, in this instance the Birch Pearl Masters. All layers of the recording were captured sequentially, replacing the initial guide vocals with the finished vocals by Kate and Russ at around 5pm.

The aim was to have fun, and explore creativity in the studio within the restraint of a day  – and of course, to complete the track. Overall, we were all more than satisfied with the results!


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