Our Electric Keyboards

To give you the ultimate flexibility during your time at the studio, we have the full range of keyboards (as well as our Yamaha acoustic piano). 

The Korg SV-1 

A high-end stage piano designed both aesthetically, and in use, to represent the classic electric pianos of the 1970’s. There are 6 groups, each with 6 sounds. The instrument looks, feels and sounds amazing, and is very popular with all users here.

The Roland FP-2

A simple to use piano with a handful of carefully selected classic Roland sounds. It has a slightly heavier feel than the SV-1.

Akai MPK-49 

An adaptable controller keyboard. Having no sounds of its own but fully programmable to operate with the multiple software instruments we have in the control room. This is always available for recording sessions but not for rehearsals.


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