Our Mixing Desk

Custom Built Oram T Series 24

The console at the centre of the Crown Lane sound is the handbuilt Oram T series 24. This is a British made sound console by John Oram, the ‘father of British EQ’. Many people track their material here because of the wonderful sound of the room through the Oram, and as a result, this unique sound is featured on thousands of recordings over the past decade.

How to describe the sound? Rich, warm and expensive sounding (!)  Analogue is favoured by purists and digital by progressives, so we’ve combined the two by having the absolute best analogue console, immediately converted to digital by the highest spec’d SSL converter we could find so that we can operate in today’s digital world easily without interruption. This is immediately viewed within our DAW of choice, Pro Tools.

Uniquely, the Oram mixer also controls your headphone mixes; the sound from Room 2; the feed from the amplifier cellar as well as the expected input channels from the live room. It has an accurate metre bridge, so we can monitor all rooms, and all sends at all times without being distracted from your music.

The talkback is ‘latching’ which means when pressed, you remain able to communicate 2 ways until the engineer depresses it again, to unlatch. This is useful during a session where a conversation can take place naturally throughout all rooms without anyone feeling they cannot be heard.

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