Our Vocal Microphones

To create your unique sound, we have a full palette of microphones, many industry standards, plus some charmingly unique microphones which you will love.

Sontronics Aria 

Warm, full bodied, used for Adele’s lead vocals on Skyfall 

Sontronics Sigma

Warm Motown inspired sound. Vintage ribbon microphone

Neumann TLM 49 

Inspired by the classic 1950s Neumann microphones. Silky and just bright enough for most applications

AKG C414

An open, honest sounding workhorse microphone for multiple applications

Shure SM7 

An immediate close and bold vocal microphone. Used on Michael Jackson’s Thriller and countless hits in every genre since. 

Sontronics STC-80  

A slightly brighter vocal microphone than the standard SM58 dynamic workhorse. We also use this regularly as our go-to snare mic.

Shure SM58 

The classic vocal microphone; used to provide an upfront vocal, regularly in a live context. It also has a place in the studio, here used by The Verve, Love is Noise. It is particularly useful for gospel choirs requiring close mics on all voices using the same brand microphone.

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