Our Instrumental Microphones

Specialising in Folk, World, Jazz and Classical, we have to ensure we have a vast selection of microphones that will make your instruments sound their very best. Microphones that are standard across the industry, and the charmingly unique are blended together to create the unique Crown Lane sound. We also have tools for the contemporary end of the spectrum, to capture the most powerful guitar amps, heaviest drum kits as well as a full range of DI Boxes and Preamps to record keyboards, synths and other outboard sounds.

Sontronics Sigma 

Warm Motown inspired sound. Vintage ribbon microphone – regularly used on strings and woodwind – Upper strings sound incredible through this microphone.

Neumann TLM 49 

Inspired by the classic 1950s Neumann microphones. Silky and just bright enough for most applications. This is used on most solo instruments as a reference mic before trying alternatives if required.

AKG C414 

An open, honest sounding workhorse microphone for multiple applications. As a stereo pair this is commonly found on our drum overheads, but also on piano, and many solo instruments.

Shure SM7  

An immediate close and bold microphone. We regularly use this on high SPL instruments, and are fond of it on hi hat.

Sontronics STC-80 

This is our choice microphone on snare drums. It is brighter than the SM57 most famously used on snares, and gives a warmth that enables the snare to sit perfectly in the mix will little EQ’ing.

Shure SM57 

The classic go-to instrument microphone, used on guitar amps, snares and countless instruments for the past 50 years. We have 5 of these at the studio.

Sontronics Aria 

A rich overhead microphone and silky smooth on acoustic guitar and strings.

Sontronics STC 1S 

Flattering stereo microphones for spot miking; choirs; ensembles; pianos and overheads. We have a pair of these. 

Sontronics DM-1T  

Tom microphones (3), that capture everything you want, and nothing unwanted from the toms. Rich warm lows that don’t clutter the mix, with an attack that cuts where required.

AKG C1000s 

Stereo Mic pair for versatility in instrumental recording sessions. Often used as overhead or room mics, we often use them in strange places like: close miked cymbals; around 30cm from an accordion or as alternative room mics.  

Audio Technica U851R 

Boundary microphone Often used inside a bass drum to capture some of the HF click elements to the kick that are often lost on an external kick mic, but also used in its traditional form as a boundary microphone.

AKG D112 

Bass drum, and double bass microphone. We use this regularly just outside the bass drum, off axis to the soundhole to capture the weight of the kick drum, without the air or HF features – making for a wide range of mixing options later.

Shure Beta 52 

Bass drum microphone. Characterful bright and tailored to kick drums with character. Also used on double bass, and other bass instruments.

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