Our Outboard Gear

We don’t hold onto gear that doesn’t work in today’s music for long, so this is always changing. If we had all the gear we’ve bought over the years, our studio would look like a museum of gear, 80% of which you wouldn’t have the benefit of during your session, which we think would be a shame!

Currently we are absolutely in love with the Warm-76 Compressors. So much so, that we’ve just bought another one! These replicas of the classic 1176 compressors sound identical to their namesake and add to the classic sound that we are so proud of.

We also have Safe Sound compressor (great for adding richness to overheads); the classic DBX 266 for beefing up snares and kicks and a lovely Amek Neve 9098 channel which is renowned for its classic sizzle and rich body on vocals. We love putting the SM7 through this!

We also have the RB-1, a lovely simple bass preamp. For some reason, everything sounds massive through this – and totally flexible too. If even this is too much, we have a DBX dB12 DI box. I wish I knew what this did to bass – other than – it just always sounds more focused; more deliberate, and sits more comfortably in the mix, when compared to recording bass straight to the desk.

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