Our Guitar Amps

Marshall JCM 2000 DSL 201 ‘Dual Super Lead’

This 20watt EL84 powered 1×12 combo gives you all the classic rock tones you’ve loved since the 60s and beyond. from AC/DC to Slash, this little powerhouse does it all!

Orange is the Rocker 30

If you prefer a citrus flavour to your tone, this 30watt combo powered by 2 EL34 output valves gives a slightly different flavour to the Marshall or Laney amps. Clean or dirty, this amp has tone in spades.

Vox AC30VR- 2 x 12 Combo

Classic British tone from The Beatles to Queen. It has a full range clean sound right through to heavy saturation with everything in between.

Cornford Harlequin

This hand wired, Class A EL84 powered, 6 Watt combo sports all that’s necessary to deliver your sound, without all the bells and whistles which are superfluous in the studio. Everything you need and nothing you don’t. No reverb or FX loops here, but the sweetest route from guitar to those killer tracks you have in your head. Be it rock, blues, funk, jazz – clean, dirty, or somewhere in between – it’s all a flick-of-the-switch away.

Laney LC30

The LC30-112 is the epitome of class A tone. An EL84 driven  1 x 12 combo that packs 30 watts RMS of real tube punch to cut through. The Laney LC30-112 offers independent GAIN and DRIVE controls on each channel – giving you maximum tonal flexibility and has a particularly great slightly mid scooped clean tone [with a Fender flavour] but also excellent crunch and higher gain tones. This amp also has a great spring reverb.

Fender Blues Deluxe Re-issue

The latest addition to our amp cellar, this classic combo has already become a firm favourite with our rehearsal bands. The concept: What if a great old collectable 1950s Deluxe or Bassman was customised with channel switching and reverb? Behold the Reissue Blues Deluxe – a vintage-style tube amp with boutique tone that many a pro rock, country and blues player has used to superb effect. The Reissue Blues Deluxe sends 40 watts of juice into a single 12″ Special Design Eminence speaker, fuelled by two 6L6 output tubes and three 12AX7 preamp tubes. Its two channels, normal (with bright switch) and drive, are voiced for classic blues, country and rock; other features include Fender spring reverb, an effects loop and two-button channel foot switch.


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