Meet the Team  |  Bill Sherrington

Bill has worked at Crown Lane since 2008,  recording, editing and producing client projects. He is our in-house mastering engineer, and does an exceptional job at this.

He has a keen ear for music and pays great attention to getting the best sound from both instruments and singers. He is particularly focused on guitar and bass tone due to his personal experience playing and recording with these instruments.

Bill has been playing guitar, bass and singing in bands and studios since the 70s! Yes, he’s THAT old… This has included Festival, T.V and radio work. He is experienced in session playing on client projects at Crown Lane too.

Prior to working at Crown Lane and in addition to regularly gigging with a variety of bands, Bill worked in the I.T. industry for 20 years followed by work teaching adults I.T. as well as Maths and English at Kings College London and South Thames College.

Bill’s own gear includes: Paul Reed Smith McCarty rosewood guitar, Roger Giffin Custom Strat, Lowden F32 acoustic, Washburn Nylon string acoustic, Fender Jazz active 5 string, Two Rock Studio Pro Plus amp, and Boutique effects pedals from Empress, Xotic and Retro-Sonic et al.

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