Iysel Zillern

Vivacious Contemporary Folk Rock

Exploring the deeper emotions in his life, Iysel invited our production team to craft a large scale 12 track album. Using original instruments wherever possible, led by Iysel’s direction and brief, we created a sound palette that would work across all songs – whilst allowing us enough flexibility for each track to have its own ‘fingerprint’.

All instruments and samples were recorded specifically for this project using a range of Sontronics, Neumann, Shure and AKG mics in Room 1. Instruments included: a 100 year old marching drum; 80 year old snare drums; rusty chains; various sounds from acoustic guitars (conventional and more creative) as well as string parts, predominantly created through multitracked double bass parts, giving a unique guttural sound to the album.

Electric guitars were intentionally a later stage addition and filled tonal and dynamic gaps – using a session player – all tracks were recorded using reverbs and effects from the pedal board with very little added later. Vocally, Iysel was keen to work himself as hard as he could, and the passion in his voice, as heard on the tracks was a genuine outworking of the passion he (and we) put into the project from start to finish.

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