Inner Voices

Young voices meet ancient melodies

On-Location recording

Inner Voices choir brings together great singers from a group of state schools in London with the best choral direction from the private sector to create a choir that tackles challenging music to a first class standard. Crown Lane were delighted to be invited to record this internationally recognised choir, who have performed on Radio 4 and Classic FM, at Union Chapel, the Royal Albert Hall and in skate parks.

The chance to capture them at their best proved a lot of fun – as well as the usual unexpected challenges. Recordings had to take place between flights since we were recording on-location in central London, under a busy flight path. Using a flight tracker, we worked out our windows and, without the choir even knowing – we were able to record in the gaps – ensuring that the background noise floor remained below an acceptable standard.

All editing and mixing took place back at Crown Lane, and various takes were compiled to create the best, totally seamless performance. It also had to be synced to video using one master take sent to us from the videographer.

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