Voiceover Recording

As well as recording music, we are experts in recording the spoken voice, and pride ourselves in our fast turnaround, professional standard voiceover recordings. We specialise in radio, event and commercial voiceovers.

On Location Recording

With our portable recording rig, we are able to come to you for bigger ensemble/group recordings, which we can bring back to the studio to edit, mix and produce afterwards. Tell us about your project.

Your Music Online Workshops

We know that getting your music ‘out there’ for the masses to enjoy isn’t simple, especially if it’s your first time, so we have developed a one-to-one training workshop, to give you the courage and tools to manage and stay in control of your music releases. In these workshops, we aim to answer your questions about copyright, ownership, royalties and track registration, as well as assist you in formatting, uploading and adding the correct metadata to your tracks.

Workshops are held at Crown Lane Studio at a time convenient to you and will last up to 2 hours, and cost £50. Contact us for more info or to book.