Ex Libras Drum Tracking

Drum Tracking

We love working in partnership on projects, and are equally as happy completing entire projects or just one component. Simply ping over the mp3 and click map and we are off! The guys at Ex Libras simply wanted excellent drums recorded at Crown Lane and then sent back to them to edit and mix. No problem!

We usually spend somewhere between an hour and two hours setting up drums for recording, especially a larger kit. We advise new skins to be already on the kit – and we are happy to tune and undertake any adjustments as necessary. Ex Libras came well prepared, and within just over an hour we were recording – and completed the entire session within just a few hours.

We use a technique known as the Glyn Johns Method for recording drums, combined with fully spot miked, room miked setup – giving the producer ultimate control. There are several routing tricks that we set up too – so you can be assured of an excellent, and flexible recording when you are ready to mix.

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