Cymbal Recycling

A Smashing Idea

As part of our ever expanding Eco-Studio experience here at Crown Lane, we have added the opportunity to recycle your drummer’s old cymbals here at the studio. We are an official drop off point for Dream Cymbals Recycling Programme and your old metal (B8-B20 quality) and they will make Limited Edition “Forge Reserve” Cymbals from the unique blend of metals.

If you want to try our Dream Cymbals, either enjoy them while rehearsing here (we are slowly migrating over to Dream Cymbals) of visit Sutton Music Centre – and be sure to tell Mark and the guys that we’ve recommended them! (It’s always good to support shopping locally).

For More information about Dream Cymbals and their recycling program – visit their website here or to try out their product range visit Sutton Music Centre, down the road from us here at Crown Lane.

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