The construction of an electronics project

It was such a pleasure being asked to be a small part of Dan Frau’s latest musical adventure after the last show with his former band Anison. Little did I know twelve months later we would be gigging the project together and being played on major radio stations with additional members Amit and Phil.

Dan’s aim was to record a track in a day – just for fun – as a creative outlet. So we set up the studio as per a classroom, with each ‘station’ fully miked, or plugged in, and ready to go. Dan then freely moved between instruments, laying down the parts required – at times glancing to me, eyebrows raised, to suggest that an idea might be worth marking as ‘interesting’ for use later.

Once everything was in the pot so to speak, we then cooked up the bare bones of the track in the day – including final vocals. An additional day or two later of editing and production would see each Caralis single come to life.

Sometimes it’s just as good to ride a wave and enjoy the journey as much as waiting for a specific outcome. I’m sure there is much more to the Caralis journey!

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