Blues & Roots Live Gig Mix

Recording & Mixing a Live Jazz Gig

Recording the debut performance of a large ensemble is always a challenge, since there is no reference point for the sound or the overall mix. On this occasion however, the music of Charles Mingus forms the very core of this ensemble so we had a rich heritage of recordings, though none recorded in such a huge church!

The band is “dedicated to sharing the music of Charles Mingus through live performances and education projects” so our brief was to accurately capture the performance to be used in educational and promotional material.

As is often the case with live recording, we bring in at least one additional engineer who can take care of the live sound, so we simply focus on capturing an exceptional recording, running a direct feed from each channel of the desk to our rig.

An appropriate selection of our studio microphones get to join us on these recordings, and we normally end up using mainly our own microphones. In this instance we spot miked all instruments, and created an ambient rig on the balcony for audience capture and ambience.

Spill and bleed between instruments is inevitable on such a tightly packed stage, but the overall sound captured the event accurately and appropriately and after some subtle editing in the studio, all elements had their own clear space in the mix.

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