Audio Book Recording

Making the most of soundproofing

The prerequisites of recording an industry recognised audiobook are a minefield, and as such a studio with impeccable sounding soundproofed rooms and knowledgeable staff is the best place to start. With only a limited number of hours each day that a voice actor can work before becoming tired, we work very flexibly ensuring only the hours used are paid for.

With well over 100,000 words to conquer, author SG Mark commandeered the services of voice artist Guy Kelly. With various Scottish dialects to master, and in the knowledge that this is the first part of a trilogy, Guy knew he had his work cut out!

Maintaining a silent studio in London is a challenge with an underground station a few doors down and 6 lanes of traffic outside, however our acoustically designed spaces are completely isolated from the outside world, creating an oasis in which to enter an alternate universe when working through such a large project. After auditioning several microphones for this project, we, somewhat controversially opted for the C414 which is smooth on the ear, and worked well with his rich low voice. I had presumed our Neumann would have been the beast for this job, but it just gave us too much back, and would have proved tiring over time to listen to.  Gentle compression and the lush EQ of the desk made for a stunning recording.

Blackout Obscura is available now for purchase.


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