4 Questions You Need to Ask when Distributing Your Music

Finding Your Audience

Your project is mixed, mastered and you couldn’t be more proud of it. Where to now? These four questions will help to ensure the right audience gets to hear your music.


  • Do you know your audience? If you are proud of your music, then there will be an audience out there that will want to hear it. It’s not necessarily the case that putting your music on all streaming platforms will mean your fans will hear your music. Each generation has a default method they are comfortable consuming music (vinyl, CD, download, streaming), and dependent on the genre of your project, you will need to get this right. How your music is packaged will also include or exclude particular demographics. Who is your audience? Where are they? What links do you have to extend this audience? The Association of Independent Music (AIM) here in the UK is a member organisation focused on helping the independent artist make the right decisions. Consider becoming a member – or at least checking out some of their free resources


  • Do you understand your competitors? Using the incredibly helpful free resource Next Big Sound – you can discover up to the minute data on pretty much any artist in the world. Looking into their data you can see whether they have a growing or slowing audience; how engaged their audience is; where they are appearing online. Although this may feel overwhelming, it may open some creative doors for you.


  • Do you know the right people? The old adage still stands true – “it is more about who you know, than what you know”. Have a think about any creative contacts you may already have who can help you with your strategy. If you don’t have any links within the industry, or feel that you’ve drawn a creative blank, try the Unsigned Guide. This is a stunning comprehensive resource with thousands of contacts in the industry who are ready to help you make the right decisions. If you create a Free MyCrownLane account, you can gain access to a 50% off code. 


  • Do you have a clear plan? There are many websites to help with ensuring your release is a success, but from experience, having a clear short, medium and long term plan normally creates the best results. Could the vinyl physical release come first through a series of live performances? Release a music video a month later (even a cheaper to produce lyric video)? And month three, release a single on the streaming platforms, ahead of month four, the album and a tour? For help getting your music online, understanding copyright, licences, TuneCodes, PPL, PRS and aggregators get in touch to book your tailored one-to-one ‘Getting Your Music Online’ Workshop.



(c) 2018. First Published by John Merriman, Director of Crown Lane Productions https://crownlanestudio.co.uk/4-questions-you-need-to-ask-when-distributing-your-music

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