10 Reasons to Record at Crown Lane

Not that you need any more convincing, but…

  1. We are a beautifully built boutique recording complex suited to flexible recording options
  2. We happen to be located 2 mins from the London Underground, and have off street parking
  3. We boast top-quality, world-class (and often custom built) equipment (all info in Talking Technical)
  4. We are a trusted, award winning business
  5. We always give 100% of the rights to your material produced by us
  6. We have expert engineers who care and understand the value of your project
  7. We have clients who love our work (and return time and again)
  8. We offer you a satisfaction guarantee – we are always happy when you are
  9. We care about the planet and are a sustainable studio and all releases are carbon-neutral
  10. Even just enquiring about recording through My Crown Lane gives you access to vital information, useful links, a free guide and our reward points system

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